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Sending Intimations Has Become Easier Than Ever Before!

Imagine a situation of inundation or any other such catastrophe where immediate notifications are to be sent to the residents of a community warning them about imminent evacuation. Our “Notified” services prove be a savior at such time of contingency. We understand the significance of getting notified at the hour of need and therefore we have come up with an innovative service called Notified.

Notified: A Quick Insight

We are thoroughly committed to cater your needs and with the help of our brainchild, Notified we would help you send notifications to your groups and contacts. What you all need to do is to register yourself with us. Once you are registered, you can create your contacts and groups. When you need to send the notifications to your created contacts and groups you can do so easily via SMS.


Notified is a Boon for the Schools of Digital Era!

SMS messaging solutions provided by notified are meant for those educational units which are looking for the ways to remain in a constant touch with the students and their parents. Whether it is an important event, program, holiday notification or any other occasion, notified proves to be a great help to them.

Schools need to announce their schedules and activities from time to time or else they may end up in facing the wrath of parents. Notified saves time, money and efforts. Just by becoming the members of notified, schools administration can make their units much more efficient. It would not be an exaggeration, to term notified way of sending bulk messages as the smartest way to inform in the present digital era.

Health Care Industry

Whether it is about contacting your customers or marketing products through SMS, you can avail our service as per your needs. Our messaging solutions can be used for diversified purposes like personalized care, to deploy the services remotely and to promote healthy lifestyle.

Effective communication is the utmost need of every hospital. These units need to send timely reminders to their patients for the appointments. Notified will serve as a boon in disguise to such units. You know the importance of sending time-critical information to your patients without incurring much. So, get registered with notified and enhance your office efficiency.

Here is how notified will be helpful:

  • Sending reminders to the patients for preventive check ups.
  • Sending alerts to the parents for vaccination.
  • Sending alerts to the patients on promotional schemes.
  • Sending alerts to the patients on the change of appointment.


Legal Offices

Notified Helps Practicing Lawyers Excel

Practicing lawyers are one of the most important beneficiaries of notified.  Plight of the lawyers losing their clients is understandable. Generally, they lose their clients because they do not make use of the right technology adequately. When these lawyers working in the legal offices get subscribed to the notified they can make the optimum use of it.

Lawyers can subscribe to the notified to intimate their clients about several issues pertaining to the court. Remaining in the constant touch and updating them about important issues like court hearing etc. will benefit them and help them excel. It is due to this reason that subscription of notified to the lawyers is highly recommended.

Hotels: One of the Major Beneficiaries of Notified

Gone are the days when people used to come with their families frequently to the restaurants and enjoy eateries. Nowadays, people order food from the restaurants online and enjoy the delicacies at the comfort of their homes along with their families. So, notified is beneficial for restaurants and hotel units. Using notified, hotels can make their special offers public.

For instance, restaurants offering hot combos at discounted prices, or coming up with a free lunch or dinner for the first entrant or any such other lucrative offer, can make use of notified and intimate their regular customers in seconds. Notified is really helpful in sending timely information to those who relish food and are attracted towards special offers.

Restaurants and Hotels

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